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This is my personal observation that strong men are stiffer and chubby men last longer. I have been doing a research on the real cause behind it but so far I haven’t got a clue as to why it is so.

I was going through the Linkedin yesterday and I was surprised to see that many independent female escorts in London have transformed it into a sort of Backpage. They hunt for rich executives and potential long-term clients there all the time hoping that they would pay good for some MILF BJ.

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I have been studying Kamasutra lately and it is a pity that it doesn’t teach many positions to enjoy the rear door sex. I believe anal sex was never popular in India. I watch Indian porn all the time but rarely see some guy banging his chick from behind.

Lost 34 lbs in 6 months with the help of gym and this hot Goa masseuse

Would I be lying if I say that I aim to achieve the body of the girl in the picture? Someone told me that she works for a massage parlour in Goa. Anyways, I used to be a fat cow until about a year ago and now things have changed a lot. I now weigh only 144 lbs while I used to weigh 195 pounds when I joined the gym.

It is funny how being so fat, I didn’t ever take any initiative to lose it. I used to believe that I am gonna lose it ultimately one day with the grace of the god, but I was wrong. I was gaining it every week instead of losing it. So, I started going for a morning jogging session everyday, I would jog for half an hour and walk for 45 minutes, but it didn’t help. Neither did I gain nor I lost any weight. That wasn’t enough, I needed to lose the weight and I was willing to do whatever it would take for me to do it.

So, I joined the gym and became a vegan as well. Within 6 months, I lost 17 pounds which I believed wasn’t enough compared to the hard work I was putting in. I went to a lady in the gym who was losing weight really quickly, I asked her bluntly what it is that she is doing that is so effective. She told me that it is Kara Keto Burn, a natural weight loss formula designed for people like herself and me. At first, I thought that she is lying and experimenting upon me, then I really went ahead with her advice and here I am, I lost 34 lbs in the past 6 months, which is double of what I lost by only exercising in the gym.

Religious Items Seller love to watch what’s deep inside the narrow pussies of those Thai pornstars

Nipon Songprasert from Kanchanaburi, Thailand, graduates from one of the top universities in Southeast Asia. He currently full-time sells Christian, Hindu and Buddhist religious items online and his passion is sex blogging.

Nipon writes on his blog that the more a woman weighs, the warmer her pussy feels.

Nipon lived in India for 2 years and living there he observed that in the Indian Subcontinent, the oil is used as a sexual lubricant more than anything else. He also writes that the benefits of eating rice on an aging man’s sexual health are well-documented in the ancient Ayurvedic texts.

Nipon sold sex toys online for one whole year. The business didn’t go well. He claims that the discounts don’t increase sales of sex toys much due to the fact that the buyers of such products care more about the privacy and confidentiality than the price.

All throughout the life of his sex toy business, Nipon gave a free shirt and a Thai porn clip (คลิปโป๊) to every 25th customer of his adult products.

Nipon denies the claim that eating apple increases a man’s libido. He writes on his blog that eating apple makes you lose control over urges but has no effect on the testosterone levels or libido.

Nipon claims that the races belonging to which the women have deep and narrow pussies evolved from the Bonobos and Baboons. He writes that after having sex with over 100 different Libyan women working at the massage parlours of Thailand, he is certain that the Libyan people evolved from the Baboons. He claims that even the oldest of the Libyan escort/masseuse/hooker, who has been providing sex services for decades, always has a narrow vagina.

Contact Amari Gradon – The Porn Blogger, if you know some Identical Twin brothers with exact same penile girth and length

Amari Gradon is a porn and sex blogger who claims that the root cause of coronavirus is the contraceptives – both pills and condoms. Amari adds that those born to parents who regularly used the same are also having it. She claims that the evil doctors have been extorting the money out of innocent patients by telling them fake reasons behind it and the good ones who are telling the truth have been losing their medical practice licenses.

Amari claims to have studied the American crime history very deeply. She claims that most of the income of Al Capone came from the prostitution not selling liquor. She claims that the head of the Bonanno Crime Family – Joseph Bonanno attests the same.

Amari claims to have dated several twin brothers in the past. She says that she doesn’t know a single identical male twin who had the exact same length and girth of the penis and many of her bisexual and/or lesbian friends tell her that they don’t know single identical twin sister whose pussy felt the same, although Amari and her friends know several identical female twins who share the same size of breasts and buttocks.

Amari believes that 9 AM is the best time for lovemaking. She claims that the god made it to be so.

Amari loves to give tips to men on her blog. She writes that if a good-looking whorish looking woman keeps staring down at your package and you are also interested in her even a bit, you must pay extremely close attention to the situation as you are very likely to get lucky with her.

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The people belonging to the Indian subcontinent naming their sons and daughters after the Europeans prove how inferior they feel about themselves. I myself belong to the Indian subcontinent and I feel pity about this fact. Anyways, I don’t want to discuss that anymore, this is a sex blog and let’s discuss sex.

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I encourage my man as much as possible to fuck other women. I know that my man is going to cheat on me even when I don’t do so, the only difference that it makes is that is saves time for him and he doesn’t suffer with anxiety or nervousness like most other American men do. And also, I am able to point out the manipulative women to him, this way.

In the January of this year, we enjoyed a trip to Mumbai, India and there my husband fucked Mumbai Russian escorts all the time in front of me. They really have some of the most gorgeous blondes available for paid sex.