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This is my personal observation that strong men are stiffer and chubby men last longer. I have been doing a research on the real cause behind it but so far I haven’t got a clue as to why it is so.

I was going through the Linkedin yesterday and I was surprised to see that many independent female escorts in London have transformed it into a sort of Backpage. They hunt for rich executives and potential long-term clients there all the time hoping that they would pay good for some MILF BJ.

I have fucked 3 different 7 footers till date. Their dicks are really big but feel more like a dildo than a real dick in both pussy and mouth. I never took one inside my dirty butthole.

My current boyfriend has 7 different oils for massaging his dick every day of the week. And I must admit that those oils have really refreshed his dick completely. He can give any White, Black or Hispanic male pornstar a run for their money with his refreshed and shiny dick.

He is in so much love with me that whenever he is away on a business trip, he asks me to send something that reminds him of me. I insert sex toys in my pussy and asshole and parcel it to him to sniff it and he loves me for that just like he does for thousands of other things I do for him.

I have been studying Kamasutra lately and it is a pity that it doesn’t teach many positions to enjoy the rear door sex. I believe anal sex was never popular in India. I watch Indian porn all the time but rarely see some guy banging his chick from behind.